Your homepage should be the first page Monster Patrol Secret Service is the best academy around.  Cadets are trained on how to track and detect the stealthiest of monsters.
Meet Gus!
Sweet Dreams
Afraid you have monsters in your room?  Gus will keep watch while you sleep, keeping your room monster free.
Enjoy a good night's sleep when Gus is on duty.  There is no monster he can't handle.
Can't wait to get in on the action?
 Join Gus on the beat as he keeps monsters of all shapes and sizes out of your room.  You'll meet monsters like Gribbit who has an appetite for video games, Pambay who has red fur and big eyes, and Deever, the one you often hear going bump in the night.  Who knows, even an Octopodskee might show up at your door! 
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